My name is Kenneth Taber,
and I create unique hand-cut original one of a kind marquetry and inlay in my Palm Bay, Florida studio. Twenty years into my career in architectural woodwork, I began making marquetry and intarsia inlays for custom furniture. Upon retiring in 2008, fine art marquetry became my preferred artistic medium. My compositions in marquetry, (making pictures in wood veneers), are often inspired, (and always influenced), by both traditional and contemporary artists, including musicians and architects, whose ideas I then transmogrify and filter through the unique juxtapositional perceptions of my passions, environment, and often, my sense of humor.

The natural and dyed veneers that I use come to me primarily from the scrapwood of plywood manufacturers, which reduces their waste and increases my palette. Particular grain patterns often suggest to me what they might become; as sand, sea, sun, sail, or sky, or the points where they seem to meet.

My participation in juried shows began in 2011, and my works have won several awards since then, including the most recent, Best In Show at the Sebastian River Art Club's February 2016 Art By The River, for my original marquetry, "The Jazz Panes".