Breakfast with Escher

"Breakfast with Escher"  14x18in.  $550.

“Breakfast with Escher”

Original Mixed Media Marquetry – 14” x 18” – Framed – $550

Tree-lined lakes and their attendant restaurants and bars are around every bend in every road up here, so when my fans suggested that I do some Nort’woods themes I Had to make the First of them with this inside-out decor,  the furniture joined with itself and the entire room in impossible Escheresque arrangements, with the Warhol soup de jour and the Dali blue plate special; this is my personal favorite of the new work because it expresses so much of all that inspired me to take up art and woodwork!

Zebrawood, Tiger Maple, Sycamore, Walnut, Dyed Sycamores, and Gumwood, with details in colored pencil, inks and oil pastels.


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