Experiencing Architectural Difficulties

Panel #3    –    September , 2008   –   24” x 30”   –   Framed   –   $OLD

Another early work with it’s origins in my old left-hand sketchbook,the most complex, (and the highest priced) of any I’ve done, “Difficulties“ draws a wide variety of comment from the viewing public.

Everyone sees something different here, and although I sought to invoke the spirit of M.C. Escher in it’s creation, I’m as likely to hear the names of Bracht and Picasso  when I show it to a crowd that is more attuned to art than kettlecorn. All these earliest of my works are what I refer to as “mixed media marquetry”, as they are composed not just of wood veneers, but contain bits of the original watercolor paper they were drawn on as well, in this case, the white capped mountains, with their blue chalk shading, and in addition, the overlaid mother of pearl windows; Awarded First Place in 2-dimensional mixed media at the 2010 Peoples Choice Art Show in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin.


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