Gold Harbor

"Gold Harbor" Private Collection

“Gold Harbor”

Original Mixed Media –  Private Collection

(Prints available by request)

Best of Show! Spring/Summer Exhibition  Howard Young Gallery

The Abstract Work I started that night predictably disintegrated into a muddy haze, ( I being too ambitious to wait for the layers to dry), which I then attempted to scape away, adding more light colors as the sludge departed and the scraper (disguised as a drafting triangle) took control of new shapes and shades, which finally got the chance to dry during my next day of unclogging toilets and changing lightbulbs, (in my daytime guise as Maintenance Man). When I approached the painting again , it held out nothing to suggest how I might proceed to salvage it, even as an abstract.  But then I recalled my high school art instructor’s two rules – 1)  When you don’t feel it shaping up, turn it!  So I turned it upside down, and a foggy harbor came immediately to mind.  I brushed in the fleet at rest with acrylics and squeezed the masts straight from the tube of oil paint. And my instructor’s other rule? – 2) Let one color dry before adding the next…  but that ship sailed long ago.


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