Myriad Beach Light

"Myriad Beach Light" 16x24in. $750

“Myriad Beach Light”

Original Marquetry – 16×24” – $750 

Facebook asked where I went to college – I listed it as – “Myriad Beaches State College” –  it’s always been more a way of life than an Alma Mater , and my matriculation continues . . .

This, and all the new work from our Florida studio, are meant to form a partial portrait of it’s infinite campus. Made with natural wood veneers including : Redwood Burl (Sky);  Fumed Eucalyptus (Ocean); African Mahogany, Tiger Maple, Birdseye Maple, Zebrawood, and Ebony.

. . .  I graduated H.S. in the June of 1970, then made what was to be my last trip to visit my Father and Sisters in Michigan, where Grandma had money set aside for my application to Kendall Art School; Dad had an apartment and a car for my use, and all I had to do was find enough work for food and fuel.  But Michigan had the 2nd highest rate of unemployment in the country that summer, and this beachcomber from Florida had to get by painting address numbers on the neighbor’s curbs, cleaning their garages, and selling stenciled T-shirts at what were to be the among the last of the outdoor Rock Festivals.  By August, I had returned to the Myriad Beaches of Florida . . .


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