Pair of Hearts

Hand-cut Original Marquetry Series Framed  Personalized  Originals – $ 75.

The King and Queen of Hearts – this design has many more facets than it’s overall simplicity suggests, with a couple that I didn’t plan – how very appropriate in a work intended to describe romantic relationships!

Apart from my desire to express them as two unified figures in the form of a playing card, their constantly upside-down aspect in that format lent me a quasi-subliminal statement on the difficulties of all relationships – sort of a one-suit-two-directions-toward-common-goals bit of psychology expressed in two dimensions. But wait, there’s more, before I depart the realm of Freud and Fromm, for while the cards are of one suit, their individual differences suggested more to me – in the back of the King’s mind is a Spade – (men are , after all , God’s mudpies), while the Queen dreams of Diamonds (because She is God’s sculpture).  To close this analysis, I will add only that within the realm of two Hearts, there should be No Clubs, (Kiwanas and Parrotheads excepted). Just specify the initials and anniversary dates to make it complete. I put the hangers on these  Queen-side-up, and any sensible King will keep it that way!


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