Shellfish One / (Vertebrates – 0)

16×20” – Original Mixed Media Marquetry – $100

From a little 2004 work in watercolor, inks and pencils, this new marquetry version is modified very little in anything other than scale and color selections. The original idea came out of my attempt to paint a rendition of a perfectly undamaged paper nautilus shell that hung in my childhood home and, failing at the refinement I was after, it then became a cartoon and now returns as a combination cartoon/marquetry – The vertebrates referred to in the title are a school of moonfish scattering before him , with the tail of one just disappearing between his lips.

Birdseye and Tiger Maples, Redwood Burl, Satinwood, Quilted Mahogany, Ribbon Mahogany, and dyed Sycamore, with details in colored pencil, inks, watercolors and oil pastels.


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