Still Life with Explosive Rock Band

14 x18”  – Original Wood Veneer Marquetry

My Favorite Theme resurfaces here: MUSIC!! To sooth and refine all that besets and defines this life.  Patience, Persistence and Preparation, combined with Love and Luck to make this latest my most explosively expressive work yet. When I laid out this composition it was to have stands drawn in beneath the drums and cymbals, such details always added after the piece is glued, sanded and sealed; but the matched Redwood Burl background provided an unexpected magic, exposed when the sketch paper was removed, and I was compelled to an alteration of my original plan, (which fits well the larger story of my entire Life!).

Redwood Burl, Indies Rosewood, Satinwood, Bubinga, Walnut, Birdseye Maple, Tiger Maple, Zebrawood, Ribbon Mahogany, African Mahogany, Quilted Birch, and Ebony, with details in colored pencil and inks.

Available through Odonata Gallery in Mercer, WI.


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