A New Era At WoodmarvelStudio…

2008-09 ~ $old Out~

I made my first lures in 1965, with just the wood-scraps & hand tools in Papa’s shop. Such cast-offs have brought fresh fish to many tables over the decades since, as I continued to whittle new versions for my own use. Then in 2001, I needed some new power tools for a wood sculpture project, and started using a high powered pair of drum-sanders to shape some new lures from my prodigious scrap collection. They were beautiful and effective, and popular even at $10.- $20., each, but if they were to be marketable and profitable, then I had to shape them faster and with more consistency, while maintaining their unique individualities. Then a project requiring mass quantities of Tiger Maple came my way, so I turned a few off-cuts on my lathe, and discovered what translucent colors can do on that wondrously figured wood! I made several numbered series that way and sold damnear all of ’em, until 2008 brought the collapse of damnear everything but poverty.

 The 2017 Lure Series are a continuation of my lifelong compulsion: to make treasure from whatever remnants are at hand. All such things just get better with age . . .

~The Red Draggins ~ #1-12 signed/numbered Limited Edition $18. ea. includes postage & Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

The Red Draggins Series is my first signed & numbered limited edition since 2009. Hand crafted from locally storm-salvaged Rosewood and Melaleuka, each one is Uniquely Individual in size, shape, and weight; hand-colored in metallic and iridescent inks; armored under ten coats of high-gloss spar urethane; armed with stainless steel hardware and saltwater VMC2X treble & double*hooks, mounted in my own *JawDropper style for fewer tangles, less weed, and better hook-ups.

~ The Naturals (#1-5) ~ Hand-turned lures in salvaged Melaleuka; 4″; 3/4-1 oz. in clear finish with detailing in black and gold iridescent inks. $15 ea. includes Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Thanks for reading this all the way to the good part;

The TabeLures Lifetime Replacement Guarantee:


  • Send it back,
  • Get a new lure.
  • or just send a note that you need new hooks;
  • All you ever pay is postage;
  • Get $5 off next purchase when you include pictures of your fish with our lure …
  • See y’all at the beach !

    The second half, (#6-10), of my latest 10 pc. series, these are hand-turned in salvaged Melaleuka hardwood; all are 4″long, 1/2 oz. with stainless hardware and 2/0 saltwater hooks. $15 ea. includes Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.