The All Night Rockers

Panel # 8   –   2009   –  Private Collection

My second piece with a music theme, and one of the first from other than my sketchbook archives. A night of listening to Little Feat CDs inspired me to paint the watercolor psycho-wash background and sketch this composition over it in chalk, completing the cutting-in of wood veneers within the next two days, with Mark Knoffler, Jackson Browne and Jimmy Buffet for accompaniment. This was the first to be glued to it’s plywood backing in my new vacuum press; ( having had an earlier piece ruined by slippage in the makeshift hand clamping system I had been using) – the faintly visible horizontal indented lines across the face of this work are the result of my over lapping the edges of the 2” wide tape that was used to hold it all together in the press, but they looked to me like lines of sheet music, so I left them alone and changed my methods to prevent doing this to subsequent works. Composed of Walnut, Rosewood, Tiger Maple, Padouk, Cypress, Zebrawood, Birdseye Maple, and Ribbon Mahogany, with details in pencils and inks.


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