The Sum of Some Segments



Pursuing the Mojo of Mixed-Media Marquetry

Sketching and painting have been parts of my life from my earliest memory, but the necessity of making a living had long relegated my artistic drive to the level of therapeutic exercise, interspersed with occasional, unsuccessful forays into the realm of art/craft shows and underpriced commissions … until the summer of 2008, when an unexpected layoff from my career in the cabinetmaking industry, with no other jobs available to replace it, forced me to consider the possibilities that lay within the stacked and stashed pages of my aging art “portfolio“ … not that much of it was presentable – but when it occurred to me that one of my unsatisfying watercolors might look better cut up and redone as a work of marquetry? My accumulating depression vanished, my inherent persistence stepped up, and Satisfaction was the result! I quickly set my unemployed but highly motivated time to creating MORE ! …

“… Segments“ was that first cut-up watercolor and, like the first few that followed, it had its origins in an old journal of left-handed sketches, a hand-mind-reversal technique once recommended by my high school art instructor to break artists’ block and free the creative cells from their controlling “power hand”. I have no clue what any segment of this piece represents, which is, apart from its personal block-breaking historical significance to me, what I like Best about it! Through the years that have followed those earliest works, I have returned that old sketchbook to the archives, preferring now to draw on the wonder of more current ‘segments’ ; those compelling images from dream to incident that bring my heart and mind together through the hands. Some of it is merely decorative, some elusively puzzling, some laughably ridiculous, and some so loud you can almost hear the music.

I leave it to the viewer to sum them up – I‘m still adding satisfaction…


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