Two or more Stories

Oct. ’10 – 14”x18“ – Framed Original Mixed Media Marquetry

The next evolution of my prize winning piece, “Experiencing Architectural Difficulties”, incorporating ideas gleaned from the book ‘Masters of Deception’, here is another of my impossible structures, barely able to contain several others, and entered through an outdoor basement. An alternative title suggests itself by the silhouette in the upper left window; ‘Nude Observed by Impossible Structures‘ –  other windows and doors are filled with my interpretations of various Masters’ works of visual hullabalution. It also bears a striking resemblance to the Apartment Complex I was to first see (and later occupy as manager), two years later! Indeed a deja view!

Zebrawood, Dyed Sycamore, Redwood Burl, Tiger and Birdseye Maple, Satinwood, Anigre, and Mahoganies, with details in color inks and pencil.


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