Watermelon Wine


“The Sum of Some Segments”

"Watermelon Wine" 21 x 25 in. $750.

“Watermelon Wine” .

Original Marquetry – 21 x 25 in. – Framed $750

… it started as a reprise of “…Segments”, (above left ), and an attempt to Honor the Forms of both Traditional Architectural Marquetry and the Surreal/Cubist Masters!?!  The resulting dialog has taken on a life of its own – as when the open window arches suggested an interior framework and the painting within the picture relocated to the food court –  and while I was considering the possible imagery for that section, our dog sat down in front of a renaissance arts show on TV –  yes, that’s my rendition, in marquetry, of  The Last Supper, here including a dog divined from one painted by Norman Rockwell. Despite the apparent biblical theme, I  intend no coded messages here – just a conversation  between artistic camps, with myself as the camp counsellor … Composed entirely of hand cut wood veneers including  Florida Cypress, Zebrawood, Ebony, Ribbon Mahogany, Anigre, African Mahogany, Tiger Maple, Birdseye Maple, Dyed Sycamore, Harewood, Redwood Burl, W. Indies Rosewood, S.A. Rosewood, Ironwood,  Padouk, and American Walnut.


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